Multi Media Explorations through Narrative Hall-Dale Middle School, Farmingdale ME

Grades 7 and 8 December 2017

Welcome to Storyland was inspired through participation in Adventures in Art; a contemporary art education program which utilizes a Discipline Based Arts Educational approach to bring a highly visual and experiential art experience to students. Welcome to Storyland began with a pre-visit lesson with a visual presentation and  hands on component at Hall Dale Middle School. Students selected toys and small objects to cast using an alginate mold, drew their selected toy/character(s) from a variety of viewpoints, and completed a descriptive passage or drawing introducing the toy/character(s) to the viewer. Students learned to measure appropriate ratios for pouring plaster and explored a range of plaster pouring techniques including pouring a mold from their toy castings. The following week students came to Maine College of Art for a one day workshop and gallery tour. During the tour students engaged in innovative gallery games that were aimed at promoting dialog before moving into a connected art making experience where students used their cast toys and small objects to stage a variety of narrative-based compositions. During this portion of the workshop students built model sets to  photograph their characters in from a variety of viewpoints. Students selected their favorite photographs to exhibit at the Hall Dale School.