Amanda Albanese
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"We liked that we took field trips and were able to collaborate in and out of the classroom."


-Hall-Dale students


As an educator I expect to become part of a larger learning community, to build a learning style conducive to creative growth, and to  encourage students to use their imaginations as a means for exploring new possibilities. I also expect to make improvements as I learn, to embrace this process as necessary in building  one’s knowledge, and to always exercise creative energy through dedicated commitment to education in and through the arts.

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"Work in the arts invites the development of a disposition to tolerate ambiguity, to explore what is uncertain, to exercise judgment free from prescriptive rules and procedures."


-Elliot W. Eisner

Artmaking creates experiences. Through art, empathic connections are made, diverse perspectives discovered, and complex details emerge. Ideas are built upon and imaginations explored. As a artist and educator I encourage my students to look closely, experiment, innovate, and think critically. Curiosity is central to  my ideation, and is the driving force in the design and implementation of my lessons. Starting with a question that is open and thought provoking allows students to probe and research from a variety of viewpoints driven by their own interest. I encourage students to draw inspiration by making connections between and within content areas where collaboration is essential, knowledge is process based, connectedness is supported by risk taking and self regulation, and student differences and identities are shared and encouraged. The integration of new technology and interdisciplinary approaches are incorporated to  encourage authentic and relevant art making experiences for all students.


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